March 6, 2017

ENS chooses single tyre partner for Season #4

The Euro Nitro Series is pleased to announce that for its upcoming fourth season it will switch to a single tyre partner for all four rounds of the championship.  With 2016 another growth year for the high profile onroad nitro championship, the number of drivers registering points at the end of the third season breaking the 300 mark, feedback highlighted a desire among racers for the ENS to switch to a single brand of tyre for the entire season.  Also taking onboard racers’ experiences of previous seasons, tyre quality was identified as the No.1 priority for drivers and reacting to this the ENS has agreed a partnership with Matrix for 2017. The Italian tyre manufacturer supplied the tyres for the very first ENS race in 2014 and has provided tyres for a race each season since.  Apart from the single tyre brand creating a level of familiarity for drivers another key benefit is that racers can carry sets of tyres through for practice at the following round.

With Infinity’s Teemu Leino (1:10) and Shepherd’s Simon Kurzbuch (1:8) out to try & defend their respective ENS titles, Season #4 kicks off in France over the weekend of May 19-21.  A country with a rich onroad nitro racing history, and with the ENS attracting a growing number of French competitors last season, the addition of the Mulhouse track has been welcomed by racers and manufacturers.  After the season opener it is back to more familiar surrounds as Ettlingen in Germany holds Round 2 in July.  From there it is on to Aigen in Austria in August with Fiorano in Italy once again bringing the season to a close at the end of September.  

2017 Euro Nitro Series Calendar (Season #4)

Round 1 – Mulhouse/France            19 – 21 May

Round 2 – Ettlingen/Germany         7 – 9 July

Round 3 – Aigen/Austria                  18 – 20 August

Round 4 – Fiorano/Italy                    29 Sept – 01 Oct

December 12, 2016

2017 Euro Nitro Series to open in France


The Euro Nitro Series is excited to announce that it will travel to France for the first time in 2017 with Mulhouse in the east of the country the location for the opening round of Season #4 of the high profile Onroad Nitro Championships on May 19-21.  Continuing as a four round championship, this will be the first year all rounds will be staged in different countries with Germany, Austria and Italy making up the rest of the schedule.  A country with a rich history of onroad nitro racing, and with the ENS attracting a growing number of French competitors each season, the addition of Mulhouse has been welcomed by both manufacturers and racers.

Following Mulhouse, which will also host the 1:10 200mm European Championships later in the season, the Euro Nitro Series travels to Germany and the popular Ettlingen track on July 7-9.  First appearing on the calendar in 2015, the track has proven very popular and on both occasions the 1:8 winner there has gone on to be crowned overall champion.  After a 5 week break, Austria hosts the third round as the championship returns to Aigen on August 18-20. One of two tracks that has been on the calendar since the inaugural ENS season, it has become somewhat of a Teemu Leino specialist track with the 2016 1:10 Champion the winner there for the last two years.

Continuing as the curtain closer on the season, the world famous Mini Autodromo Jody Scheckter track in Fiorano, Italy, hosts the season finale.  For 2017 the date has been brought forward by almost a month with the biggest race of the year taking place on September 29 to October 1st.   With the Euro Nitro Series having just enjoyed its’ biggest season to-date, 191 drivers registered points in 1:8 and 121 in 1:10, 2017 has all the making of being another great year for onroad nitro with both Team Shepherd’s Simon Kurzbuch and Team Infinity’s Teemu Leino aiming to defend their titles.

2017 Euro Nitro Series Calendar (Season #4)

Round 1 – Mulhouse/France          19 – 21 May

Round 2 – Ettlingen/Germany       7 – 9 July

Round 3 – Aigen/Austria                 18 – 20 August

Round 4 – Fiorano/Italy                  29 Sept – 01 Oct

October 23, 2016

4 out of 4, Kurzbuch completes perfect ENS campaign


Simon Kurzbuch completed the perfect championship campaign as he made it four wins from the four races that make up the Euro Nitro Series.  Having already sewn up the title at Round 3 in Austria, the World Champion capped off his 2nd ENS title with a fourth win at 2016 season finale at the Mini Autodromo Jody Scheckter track in Fiorano, Italy.  Starting what would be reduced to a 30-minute final due to rain from fourth on the grid the Team Shepherd driver would go to the front just before the half way mark to go on and take victory ahead of Top Qualifier Dario Balestri, front tyre management hampering last year’s Champion’s quest for the win.  Behind the two title protagonists, emerging star of the 2016 championship Toni Gruber would cap off a great campaign by claiming a second podium finish of the season.


‘It couldn’t have been better.  It’s great to finish the season with this win. I am very thankful to my sponsors for giving me a good package this year’, was how Kurzbuch summed up his season.  He added, ‘four out of four is almost impossible to repeat.  The ENS is very important for me and my sponsors so for sure the aim now is to try and become the first driver to win back to back titles’.  On today’s race, the Swiss driver said, ‘Starting fourth made it a little more difficult than from the front and I lost one position but by the first (fuel) stop I was up to third’.  He continued, ‘I had to drive a little smooth to make the left tyre last the 30-minutes because we were only changing the outside tyres but we had a really good tyre stop and this helped giving us the win’.


‘Like I told you after qualifying we didn’t have the tyre strategy and again the problem was front tyres’, was Balestri’s reaction to losing out to Kurzbuch on the season finale win for a second year running.  The Capricorn driver said the shortening of the race also hurt his chances as while others could just change the outside tyres he still had to change all four adding, ‘changing only one side I would not have had front tyres to get to the finish’.  Asked about a cure for the problem that has twice cost the race’s Top Qualifier from converting pole position into victory, the 2015 Champion said, ‘maybe for this track I need a different set-up but for sure we have to try better to fight with Simon next year’.


Gruber summed up his race with, ‘I think 3rd position is good because we planned our strategy for 45-minutes and then the race was reduced to 30’.  The 20-year old, for whom 2016 was his first season with ARC, continued, ‘we switched strategy to change only the right side and at the end I had little tyre left but all the way through everything was perfect with the car’.   Reflecting on a season that has put the German driver on a number of manufacturers’ radars, he said, ‘I am absolutely happy with how the season went.  This was my first year with another car (brand) and it was my best season.  I’m very satisfied with 3rd overall in the championship’.


Outside of the podium in Fiorano, it was Francesco Tironi who was to come out on top of an intense all-Team Infinity battle for fourth place that also involved Lamberto Collari, Jesse Davis and Jilles Groskamp.  Starting from 6th on the grid, Tironi would have a rough start to the race with an early crash and then an off at the chicane that would leave him one lap down and last of the 12 car field.  Describing himself ‘happy with my car and engine’, the popular Italian said through the car’s consistency and being able to do 5-minutes between fuel stops he could recover to fourth.  With the ‘level (of competition) really high’ he felt ‘without the problem at the start a podium was possible today’.  Completing his first season driving for Team Infinity with his best result, he said, ‘for sure 2017 will be better’.  Just 3/10ths behind Tironi, Collari would finish 5th equalling his best finish of the season, with Australian Davis completing the Top 6.


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October 23, 2016

Greiner wins ENS finale, Leino is Champion


Dominic Greiner has won the season finale of the Euro Nitro Series but it is Teemu Leino who claimed the biggest prize with 6th in a rain shortened A-Main in Fiorano enough to crown him the 2016 1:10 Champion.  Top Qualifier for the race, a heavy crash with Marc Rheinard would leave Greiner with a difficult car for the final but strategy and quick work by his pit crew would allow the Serpent driver to take his first win of the season.  With the race going 40 of the scheduled 45-minutes, the World Champion’s second ENS win would come ahead of title contender Eric Dankel, the fast closing Mugen driver finishing 4-second off when the race was stopped.  Having led for a time in first half of the race, last year’s race winner Alessio Mazzeo was to complete the podium at Mini Autodromo Jody Scheckter.  Starting second on the grid, while Leino never needed to win the race to secure the title he didn’t make things easy for himself with an early off that resulting in a flameout and the loss of 2-laps raising the heart rates of his Team Infinity crew.  Keeping his composure and a close eye on the progress of points leader coming into the weekend Dirk Wischnewski, the Finn would recover from 11th with the fastest lap of the race to finish 6th. With Wischnewski finishing 4th, this was enough for Leino to take the title by 3-points from the German with Dankel’s second giving him 3rd a further 1-point back.


Commenting on his error that made his title quest that more challenging, Leino said, ‘In the beginning I was just following Dominic and trying to get a gap on third but then I don’t know, the racer kicked in and I wanted to win the race and I made a stupid mistake at the chicane’.  With the error sending his car flying through the air and it flaming out on landing in the far left corner of the track with two laps lost as he was returned to the pits, he said ‘I knew from the first 3-minutes the car was fast enough so there was no need to panic and I could push to make up positions and make the points to become champion’.  He added, ‘I only needed to follow where was Dirk and I was not far behind him’.    Describing his performance this weekend as ‘not the full potential’, his 1:8 Offroad World Championship participation and the lack of practice at the race due to the rain leaving him on the back foot compared to his rivals, he said he was ‘surprised how well the car has gone in such a short time’, it only making its debut at the World Championships in August before taking its first win at the ENS in Aigen.  His first season with the new Infinity team he said, ‘I think next year we can be stronger and I have to thank Kenji for his support because without it this title wouldn’t have been possible.  I also have to thank Novarossi for the engine, it was the same engine I used in all three races’.


‘A super difficult race’ was Greiner’s reaction after finally registering a win this season having been a contender at all four rounds of this season’s ENS.  He continued, ‘I hit Marc (Rheinard) on the back straight in the warm-up and the chassis was tweaked but we had no time to change it’.  He said while the car felt ok at the beginning, his fastest lap coming on the 7th lap, he said as the race went on he could feel the car was not right after the warm-up crash.  Struggling with his tweaked Novarossi powered 748, he was quick to attribute the work of his pit crew for today’s win.  With the same World Championship winning crew of Thomas Günsel and Daniele Ielasi, he said, ‘I had an excellent pit crew again and they made this victory happen’.  Admitting it was going to be a close race with Dankel, describing his fellow countryman as ‘super fast’, Greiner said for 10-laps before the race was stopped he was struggling with conditions adding ‘stopping (the race) was the best decision’.  With ‘bad luck in Aigen’ ending his title chances Greiner said, ‘our package is very good at the moment so I hope for better luck for the next ENS season’.


‘From 9th on the grid it was good’ was how Dankel summed up his race.  The 2014 Champion continued, ‘my opinion is they stopped a little early.  Ok it was a race control decision but on my side it was unlucky but on Dominic side it was good’.  Feeling ‘it would have been close (for the win) had the race gone the whole distance’, he said his fuel strategy was not as good as Greiner’s.  ‘We couldn’t do 5-minutes, Dominic did’.  Further compounding this was Dankel’s own error of pitting a lap early.  He said, ‘I thought I heard my pits call me so I came in but they hadn’t and were expecting a lap later and this messed up our strategy a little’.  Finishing third overall, he said, ‘compared to last season it been a very good year’.  Having moved to Mugen for 2016, he continued, ‘I know more about the car now so if we can start with the same pace next season we should be stronger for the championship’.  Having TQ’d the season opener but the race turn out to be wet, he was to sit out the final having never driven the car in wet conditions before.


‘We were fast but we lost time in the tyre change’, was Mazzeo’s view of where he missed out on the win.   The Serpent driver, who would lead for more than 20% of the race, continued, ‘then after the tyre stop I traction rolled at the end of the straight and lost one lap’.  The Vice-World Champion would un-lap himself and get to within challenging distance of both Greiner and Dankel for the win.  ‘I was only 6-seconds back but the rain came.  If the race didn’t stop I could take the win, I was faster today.  Anyway congratulations to Dominic, he has a very good team and also congratulations to Teemu on the title.’


Wischnewski said ‘for sure we lost it at the beginning’.  Finishing almost 2-laps off the final podium place, the Team Shepherd driver would get caught up in the ‘chaos’ of the first lap and drop from his P5 starting position to 9th.  He said the contact left his car ‘a little tweaked’ but recovering 3 places he would make a mistake that sent him in to the grass and with damp tyres he found himself back in 9th. Opting to change just one side in his tyre stop, the winner of the season opener  said ‘this was a good decision’ but the damage was already done at the start.  Despite this the former European Champion was pleased to end the season as Vice-Champion matching his result of the inaugural season of the ENS.


Elsewhere for yesterdays bump up master, the A-Main being the 7th final of the weekend he would race, a third lap clash with Thilo Tödtmann, would end any chance of a good result for Bruno Coelho.  The Xray driver said after the incident his chassis was ‘like a banana’.  Recovering to finish 5th, the Portuguese driver said while engine issues in qualifying made the weekend an uphill battle he was encouraged for next season by new parts he was running on the car which he said were very good.  For ENS debutant Marc Rheinard an engine change for the final would deny him from backing up his strong qualifying performance.  The Team Infinity driver, who on a one race deal is expected to do a full 2017 ENS programme with the new manufacturer, was caught out by the run time on the new engine suffering a flame out as he pitted for fuel.  Working his way back into podium contention from this unfortunately the multiple Electric Touring Car World Champions engine would move and strip the gears.  The German said, for sure we were close to fight for the win but we will be better prepared for the next time’.


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