September 4, 2016

Leino wins ENS Austria to give Infinity first win


Having been in a class of his own all weekend, Teemu Leino has capped off a perfect performance at the third round of the Euro Nitro Series with victory in Austria.  A repeat of his 2015 result at the Aigen track, this time round the win was more convincing and one which will go down in his team’s history as it mark’s nitro onroad newcomers Team Infinity’s first win as a manufacturer.  Starting from the TQ, Leino came under the attention of Serpent’s Dominic Greiner early on as the pair pulled clear of the 12-car field.  However having just made his first tyre stop, Greiner’s race would come to an abrupt end as the rear right axle bearing assembly parted company with the car as he chased Leino.  That left Leino to drive a calculated race to claim his second consecutive win of the season and put himself into serious contention for the title that is currently held by his absent from Austria team-mate Jilles Groskamp.  Behind Leino, Erik Dankel would keep him honest eventually finishing 10-seconds back to make a much welcomed return to the podium for the former champion, that podium being completed by Thilo Tödtmann.


Having secured his Ettlingen win driving a Capricorn as he waited on Infinity’s new 1:10 prototype release for the World Championship, Leino said, ‘I am very happy to give Infinity their first win.  I’m very happy for Kenji because he has pushed a lot for this and put everything in place to make winning possible’.  On today’s final, his win making him the ENS’ most successful 1:10 driver, he said, ‘the race went pretty much like planned.  We went for two full tyre stops so I could all the time drive full punch’.  He continued, ‘when I saw Dominic stop for only two (outside tyres) I knew we were good’.  While the first tyre stop was troubled, loosing him 10-seconds, leaving ‘Erik on (his) bumper’ he said ‘I knew also we had one less fuel stop to do then Erik’ so it was ok.  Having changed the set-up on his Novarossi powered prototype for the final practice he said he ended up going back to the set-up he ran in qualifying and ‘it was the right decision’ adding his ‘engine was very stable all the time’ over the 45-minutes.  The only major moment of the race was one he created himself in the closing minutes.  Asked what caused him to roll his car and need marshalling he said, ‘I tried to push more to get a bigger lead and ended up making a stupid mistake’.


‘On the podium after such a long time. I’m very happy’, was Dankel’s reaction after his first trouble free race of the season.  The German, who shared the same number of wins as Leino coming into the event, said, ‘I made some mistakes over the final so I could have been closer if I drove more clean’.  Describing his Mugen MTX6 as ‘good’, he said the only drama he would have was when his engine smothered during one of his stops making for very slow exit from the pit lane.  Making two 4-tyre stops,  the first slightly slower than planned he said , ‘today Teemu was crazy fast and deserved to win.  Without failures on his side he was going to be hard to beat’.


A former ENS podium finisher, Tödtmann was ‘super happy’ to take his first podium of the season.  The Capricorn driver would have a ‘super bad start’ from 7th on the grid coming together first with Francesco Tironi and then Patrick Schafer.  Planning to only change the outside tyres and fuel at 5:40, he said after dropping to last after the start they changed to ‘a safe strategy’ to fuel on 5-minutes and go for 2 full tyre stops allowing him to ‘push all the time’.  Tödtmann did admit the tyre wear was much more than expected hinting his original strategy may have left him struggling.   Driving ‘maximum push’ he said the new strategy ‘worked out’ but admitted he also got lucky and that ‘Tironi was unlucky to run out of fuel and I’m sorry for him’, holding third at the time Tironi’s Infinity would run out of fuel with just 3-laps to go.   Also benefiting from Tironi woes, Carmine Raiola, who bumped up from the B-Main, would get fourth with his team-mate getting restarted to complete the Top 6.


The only driver to show any signs of being able to take the race to Leino, Greiner said up until his exit, ‘everything was ok, but Teemu was still fast’.  The World Champion said while his Novarossi engine was ‘a bit rich’ after the first refuelling, the tyre stop to change just the outside tyres was good and it was just bad luck this time they couldn’t finish the race.  Complimenting his rival, saying ‘Teemu did a perfect job’, he said his own retirement was ‘disappointing as the ENS title is gone for sure’.


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September 4, 2016

Pucher & Kammer complete Aigen A-Main line-up


Austrian Herfried Pucher has added local interest to the 1:8 A-Main of Euro Nitro Series Round 3 at Aigen, the ARC driver progressing to the 45-minute A-Main with a victory in the 20-minute B-Main.  Pucher took the race lead after early leader & pole sitter Nejc Mihelic ran out of fuel just after the 8-minute mark.  Once he had a ‘good margin over second he drove safe to save fuel and tyres’ adding it ‘worked out well’.   His first time to make the A-Main at the ENS, bring the ARC total to four, he continued ‘I am looking forward to the final and running with the big guys’.   Joining him in what is expected to be a race full of tyre stops due to the track’s high wear, and also making his first A-Main is 24-year-old Michael Kammer.  Despite starting ahead of both drivers, Timo Schröder missed the cut finishing just just one second back from the German Shepherd/OS driver.


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September 4, 2016

Raiola & Krägefski progress to A-Main


Carmine Raiola and Tom Krägefski will progress to the 1:10 A-Main at Round 3 of the Euro Nitro Series in Austria after claiming a straight forward 1-2 in the B-Main.  Starting 1 and 2 on the grid for the 20-minute encounter, they started as they finished with really only Gerhard Kandelhart mounting any serious kind of challenge until the Shepherd driver hit problems at the 2/3 distance.  In the end Björn Moser would complete the Top 3 finishing over 6-seconds off a bump up position.


Missing out on directly qualifying for the 45-minute A-Main, Raiola said he didn’t have issues in qualifying but as this is his first visit to Aigen he ‘needed more time to find a set-up for this unique track’.  A finalist at last month’s World Championship on the debut of Team Infinity’s prototype nitro touring car, the 25-year-old will be the third Infinity on the grid joining Top Qualifier Teemu Leino and fourth place starter Francesco Tironi making it a good ENS debut for the Singapore manufacturer.  Asked about the pending final the Italian plans to ‘try something different again’ with the car set-up but put the potential for a good result down to ‘planning a good tyre strategy’, the track having high wear.


Having also bumped up from the B-Main at the previous round in Ettlingen, Krägefski said, ‘it was not my decision to do it the hard way’.  The Xray driver, who joins Leo Arnold and Nicola Marrone on the 12 car A-Main grid, said engine problems where the reason for finding himself in the B-Main.  In Q2 he ‘destroyed’ his good engine and with its replacement couldn’t get it tuned round over Q3, 4 and 5.  Finally getting the engine set right in free practice this morning, the German said ‘he was hanging onto Riaola but didn’t want to pass’.  Not sure of tyre wear he said once Kandelhart went out he was ‘off the throttle to save tyres and make a safe finish’.   Setting the fastest lap of the final, he said with his ‘pace much better than yesterday the plan for the final is to push maximum’ adding coming up with a good tyre strategy was going to be important.


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September 4, 2016

Chassis Focus – Dominic Greiner


Chassis – Serpent 784 Natrix “WC Edition”
Engine – Novarossi Mito .12 C
Fuel – Runner Time
Tires (handout) – HotRace
Radio/Servo – Sanwa
Body – SRC Spark

Remarks – Newly crowned World Champion Dominic Greiner is set to start second on the grid for the A-Main here in Aigen. The German is running the WC version of the 748 which is distinguished by the adoption of big bore shocks, lower shock towers and a new transmission that features a smaller front diff.

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September 3, 2016

Greiner takes final qualifier


Dominic Greiner has taken the final round of qualifying at the Euro Nitro Series’ third round in Austria.  While the TQ would change nothing in terms of the front end of the grid, Teemu Leino wrapping up the overall TQ in Q3, the run did leave the World Champion more positive about taking the fight to Leino in tomorrow’s 45-minute A-Main at the Aigen-Schlägl track.  With Leino, who took the opening four qualifier, using the last qualifier to test a different engine ending up with a P4,  Erik Dankel would get a P2 to secure third on the grid behind Greiner.  Posting a P2 time in the previous round of heats, current championship leader Dirk Wischnewski will start fourth with 2014 Top Qualifier Francesco Tironi and Leo Arnold completing the top half of the 12 car grid.


After becoming the only driver other than Leino to post a TQ run, Greiner said, ‘We improved the car and now it is much better. It is very consistent’.  Making the changes for the penultimate qualifier but flipping his Serpent 748 when he touched the curb, 2014 Aigen winner added ‘I think it will now be more interesting tomorrow’.


Top Qualifier last time out but not able to carry that pace into the final in Ettlingen finishing 6th, Dankel said a front diff change on his Mugen made the car ‘better but more difficult to drive’.  Feeling he was ‘not competitive in the 3rd and 4th round (of qualifying)’, he said it was good to end the day back on pace like he was in the morning but isn’t sure what to do in terms of his set-up.  The 2014 Champion said one option is to try the car with more oil in the front diff but he concluded he’s ‘not yet sure’ what is the best option.


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