April 4, 2014

Track Focus – Mini Racing Ayrton Senna (Melzo)


Track Name – Mini Racing Ayrton Senna (Melzo)
Owner – Boni family
Country – Italy
Location – Melzo (20km east of Milan)
Direction – Anti-Clockwise
Surface – Asphalt
Previous key events hosted – Italian Nationals and EFRA GPs

Internationally known as the Melzo track, the Italian onroad nitro track ‘Mini Track Ayrton Senna’ this year celebrates its 20th Anniversary.  In the middle of construction when Formula 1 legend Ayrton Senna was tragically killed on May 1st in Italy during the San Marino Grand Prix at Imola,  it was decided to name the track after the Brazilian racing icon.  Requiring permission to name the track after the 3-time Formula 1 World Champion,  Senna’s sister Viviane visited the track to present an official certificate making it a member of The Ayrton Senna Foundation.

Situated on a 6,000 square metre site the track is in its second incarnation, the latest layout being very popular with drivers.  With a lap covering a length of 340 metres, the track features banked corners both coming onto and coming off the main straight, the 1:8 cars sounding particularly impressive as they turn into the sweeper at the end of the straight on full throttle – one observer describing the high pitched sound as ‘how Formula 1 used to sound’.  Open to members seven days a week, one of the key figures in day to day operation of the track is Angelo Boni, the father of Matrix tyres boss Cristian.  A new development to the track for the 2014 season is the addition of a raised pitlane.

In size the club has a membership of between 120-140 drivers with it being the home track of some of nitro’s top international drivers including Alberto Picco, the Picco Engine factory being about 30-minutes away, former 200mm World Champion Daniele Ielasi and Francesco Tironi, who lives just 2km away.  In terms of lap times in 1:10 at good lap is a mid to late 19-seconds while in 1:8, the F1 of r/c racing, the cars are running a lap of the track in late 17-seconds.  With the ENS running a controlled tyre system, a different manufacturer supporting each round, at Mini Track Ayrton Senna all drivers will race the weekend on Matrix tyres.

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April 4, 2014

‘From Race Control’ – Day 1, Practice/Q1

‘From Race Control’ – Day 1, Practice/Q1

Today marks the start of the all new Euro Nitro Series which kicks into life at the wonderful Melzo track in Italy.  The opening round of the inaugural four round championship for onroad nitro, Day 1’s action will see both 1:10 & 1:8 drivers complete four rounds of practice, each driver’s 3-fastest consecutive laps from P3 or 4 counting towards the seeding of the qualifying heats.  An overcast start to the day at the Mini Racing Ayrton Senna track, the opening day will conclude with the first of four scheduled 4-minute qualifiers, qualifying running to a points format rather than outright fastest time with 2 of 4 to count.

March 3, 2014

ENS announces 2014 tyre format


The organisers of the 1:10 & 1:8 Nitro Onroad based Euro Nitro Series are pleased to officially announce the tyre format for its inaugural four round championship. Following a recent meeting with industry representatives at the ETS in Germany, the decision was taken that the championship will continue to operate a hand-out controlled tyre system similar to that used during last year’s two race ‘Pilot Series’.

Aiming to meet the wishes of drivers seeking a more level & transparent rule regarding tyres, and also striving to find a system that best supports the tyre industry, each round will see a different tyre manufacturer supply the spec tyre for that weekend. In the case of 1:8 the tyres will be a 32 front/35 rear trued to 69mm and 76mm diameter respectively. For 1:10 the tyres will be 37 front/40 rear shore with a 62mm/64mm diameter.

Scheduled to get underway on April 4-6 in Italy, Round 1 of the championship will see Matrix Racing Tires as the controlled tyre for both categories. Interestingly the Melzo track is owned by Matrix founder & boss Cristian Boni. For the second round, the ENS takes drivers to Austria to the Aigen track where Contact RC will provide driver’s tyre needs for the May 16-18 event.

Moving to Germany for Round 3, returning to the Hockenheimring (13-15 June) which hosted the first of last year’s ENS Pilot Races, Enneti will supply and support driver’s tyre requirements for the 3-day event. For the season finale (17-19 Oct) the championship returns to Italy to the world famous Fiorano track in Italy, drivers will use Hot Race tyres. Using the same system to that used during the Pilot Series, racers will collect new pre-trued tyres on entering the pitlane with the option for drivers to return the tyres before leaving again which will be bagged under that drivers name for the purpose of using them for a second time.

In addition to the tyre schedule organisers have also announced that both the 1:10 and 1:8 class will run 16% Nitro fuel. Entry for Round 1 at Melzo is now open via the MyRCM website – www.myrcm.ch.

2014 Euro Nitro Series Calendar

Round 1 (4–6 April)
Track – Melzo/Italy
Tyre – Matrix

Round 2 (16–18 May)
Track – Aigen/Austria
Tyre – Contact

Round 3 (13–15 June)
Track – Hockenheim/Germany
Tyre – Enneti

Round 4 (17–19 October)
Track – Fiorano/Italy
Tyre – Hot Race

December 27, 2013

Euro Nitro Series announce 2014 Calendar

ETS organisers announce Pilot Series for onroad nitro

Following the successful running of a two race Pilot Series this year, the organisers of the Euro Nitro Series are delighted to release the calendar for a full 2014 championship. The new four round championship for 1:10 & 1:8 Onroad Nitro will begin and finish in Italy, the traditional home of nitro racing, while also taking racers to rounds in Austria and Germany.

Starting at the Melzo track in April, the championship, which is run by the same team behind the hugely successful Euro Touring Series, travels to Aigen in Austria for Round 2 in May. Having hosted the first of the pilot races in 2013, Hockenheim in Germany is the venue for Round 3 with the race scheduled for June. The first full season of the ENS will then culminate at the world famous Fiorano track in October.

Having attracted strong industry backing for the pilot series, with wins for Team Shepherd’s Jilles Groskamp, Mugen’s Robert Pietsch, Serpent’s Mark Green and Capricorn’s Eric Dankel, the 2014 ENS is expected to be a whose who of onroad nitro teams & drivers. Further information and specific details relating to the Euro Nitro Series will be announced early in the New Year.

2014 Euro Nitro Series Calendar
– Round 1 Melzo/Italy 04–06 April
– Round 2 Aigen/Austria 16–18 May
– Round 3 Hockenheim/Germany 13–15 June
– Round 4 Fiorano/Italy 17–19 October

December 12, 2013

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November 22, 2013

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