June 28, 2013

Chassis Focus – Adrien Bertin

Chassis Focus - Adrien Bertin

Chassis name – KM HK1 “Meen”
Engine – Orion CRF R12
Radio/Servos – Ko Propo/Orion

Remarks – Adrien is racing the new KM touring car, named after last year’s World Champion Meen Vejrak.  The main features of the new car are a different gear ratio which gives more steering at high speed, a big positive here at the Kirchberg track, along with the option to use a wire anti-roll bar in the front end. The engine is Orion’s latest release and is characterized by a longer stroke, which means everything but the rod and the bearings is completely new. Here in Stohr-Ring Adrien has opted for using Ride shock springs, which give the car more forward traction but require a smoother driving style, according to the former World Champion.

June 28, 2013

Track Focus – Stöhr-Ring


Track Name – Stöhr-Ring
Club – MORAC-Graz
Country – Austria
Location – 45km south east of Graz
Direction – Anti-clockwise
Surface – Asphalt

The second race of the Euro Nitro Series ‘Pilot Series’ takes place in Austria this weekend at the Stöhr-Ring, a track which has a deep history of hosting international events. Run by the MORAC-Graz club, which was established in 1977 and has a current membership of 65, the track was built in 1998 and in that time has hosted the 2000 1:10 235mm World Championships as well as European Championships for 1:10 235mm, 1:10 Electric Touring Car, 1:8 Onroad and Large Scale and later this year it hosts the 1:10 200mm Euros which are directly followed by 1:5 Bike World Championships. Able to run the track in both directions this weekend the racing will run in the anti-clockwise direction.

Recently the track surface was freshened up by polishing the asphalt with a specialised machine and millions of tiny steel beads. Only carried out in May of this year, the traction has suffered as a result of the work and now requires to be sugar watered. Another side effect of the polishing is a noticeable increase in tyre wear. Martin Hudy who raced here last year said previously the wear here was very low but from the practice runs so far today they are finding it now to be very high.

Commenting on the track layout, Team Xray’s Dirk Wischnewski said it is a ‘really nice track to drive’ but it is quite difficult due to the narrow racing line. 1:8 World Champion Robert Piestch, who is racing both classes this weekend, said he likes the track a lot adding that it is a good size in that it is not too big for 1:10 and not too small for 1:8. The Mugen designer, who has not raced here before, said the Omega corner is a little deceiving as it looks like it should be able to be taken at a constant throttle however in 1:10 he is having to lift and then get back on the throttle to get a good line. The German also said the curbing on the outside of the fast kink before the start of the main straight is a little tricky as if you try to straighline it too much the curb can really unsettle the car and get it out of shape for the entry onto the straight.

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June 25, 2013

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June 24, 2013

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June 21, 2013

Groskamp & Tironi confirmed for ENS Austria

Groskamp & Tironi confirmed for ENS Austria

Reigning Electric Touring Car World Champion Jilles Groskamp will contest next weekend’s (June 28-30) Euro Nitro Series race in Graz, Austria, the Shepherd driver one of a number of World class factory drivers set to battle it out for the 200mm Touring Car win at the Stöhr-Ring track.  Another confirmed entry for the second race of the ENS ‘Pilot Series’, is Capricorn driver & World Championship podium finisher Francesco Tironi who together with reigning Italian National Champion Giorgio de Felici will be looking to complete a clean sweep of the all new series for the Italian company who at Race 1 earlier this month at the Hockenheimring in Germany took a convincing win with Eric Dankel.

A former 200mm World Championship Top Qualifier and a direct qualifier at last November’s World Championships in Thailand, Groskamp’s ENS race debut forms part of his preparations for this year’s European Championship which will take place at the the Stöhr-Ring in August.  A major supporter of the Euro Touring Series in its early year’s, the Dutchman winning the overall title twice, he will be hoping to make a similar impression on the ENS.

An expanded factory Xray team will see former European Champion Dirk Wischnewski joined by Xray’s Alexander Hagberg and former World Championship podium finisher Martin Hudy. Unable to attend Race 1 due to prior electric touring car commitments, this will also be Hagberg’s first ENS outing and the World Championship finalist is certain to be in the mix.

Another potential winner in the Touring Car class, which for Race 2 will use a controlled tyre from Contact, will be reigning 1:8 World Champion Robert Pietsch.  Only competing in 1:8 at Race 1, where he TQ’d and finished 2nd to Serpent’s Mark Green, the 2010 200mm WC Top Qualifier is in for a busy weekend as he takes on both classes, again the event being an important part of the Mugen designers European Championship preparations.

Entries for ENS Rd2 are still open here.

June 17, 2013

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