June 30, 2013

Chassis focus – Gilles Groskamp


Chassis – Shepherd V10-Pro
Engine – Maxima
Radio/Servos – Sanwa

Remarks – Winner here at Kirchberg, Jilles told us he is running a pretty stock version of the V10, although he made some structural adjustments to get more flexibility in the front end. The car is new to him, so he used this race mostly to test different things in an attempt to be well prepared for the Euros to be held here in August. He also told us he is using a different setup from his team mates, deciding to run different shock springs, camber links and other small adjustments.

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June 30, 2013

Chassis focus – Jernej Vuga


Chassis – Xray RX8
Engine – Reds M7 WC
Radio/Servos – Futaba

Remarks – Former European Champion Jernej Vuga is delighted with his package this weekend in Austria, telling us his RX8 is running very well and in terms of configuration is pretty standard. Running few optional items he is using new shock pistons, still in the prototype stage, as well as some aluminium options to reduce weight and add style to the car. Running his usual setup, he only worked on camber angles to help deal with the different grip levels throughout the weekend.

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June 30, 2013

A-Main Grid finalised at ENS


The grids for the A-Main finals at the Euro Nitro Series in Austria have been finalised with Shepherd’s Gerhard Kandlehart securing the 11th grid spot ahead of Xray’s Martin Hudy in Touring Car while in 1:8 Serpent’s Toni Gruber bumped up along with Austrian Mugen driver Bernd Koller. Both competing in the B final it was Hudy who won the first 16 minute encounter but winning the second leg of the final in a faster time it was Kandlehart, who missed the bump up at Race 1 in Hockenheim, who secured the 11th spot. For Adrien Bertin, who started on pole position for the B Main, it was not a good day. Having stayed late last night after qualifying to test, the KM Racing driver was very upbeat about his chances this morning but it wasn’t to be. In Leg 1 he lead for 40 laps but suffered what he thought was a one-way problem which forced with to retire but in the second leg it turned out that it was in fact a problem with the fuel tank and he was out before the half way mark.

A direct qualifier at Race 1 of the ENS earlier this month, Gruber, who was BQ this weekend after a tough qualifying, took two easy wins to secure his place in this evening’s 45-minute main along with Koller who finished second on both occasions.

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June 30, 2013

Chassis focus – Francesco Tironi


Chassis – Capricorn LAB-C02
Engine – Capricorn SQ-R
Radio/Servos – KO Propo

Remarks – Like Greiner, Capricorn’s Italian driver Francesco Tironi has chosen to use the solid axle here in Kirchberg, this being an option he very rarely uses. In the post-qualifying free practice he also tried a Protoform P56 body which he will use for the main event as it seems to give the car more on-power steering. Francesco is testing a rear camber link that doesn’t feature the classic upper arm, this is intended to get more flexibility and add rear traction. On his car you can also spot some white ergal parts, that come from a pre-production batch. We understand that the official Capricorn driver tests the quality of each batch himself before sending the parts to be anodized, quality control being one of the main concerns for the Italian factory.

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