May 25, 2019

Chassis Focus – Melvin Diekmann

Chassis – Velox V10 Black Edition
Engine – Gimar Eagle.12
Fuel – Energy
Tires (handout) – Matrix
Radio/Servo – Futaba/Futaba
Body – Protoform P47

Remarks – Working with the rest of the large Shepherd team here in Rucphen, Diekmann said that it has been difficult to find a setup with the weather meaning the track felt different every run.  Reverting to a standard setup, he has since found more speed by going lighter on the front shock oil to allow his Velox V10 to handle the kerbs better.  He has also switched to 2 million oil in the front differential to get the turn-in he needs on this high speed circuit.

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May 24, 2019

Dario Balestri sets the pace in The Netherlands

Infinity’s Dario Balestri set the best three lap time in controlled practice for the 1/8th scale class at Round 2 of the Euro Nitro Series Championship in Rucphen, The Netherlands.  It was very close, however, as less than one tenth of a second covered the top seven drivers over their three lap times. “The car was good, the engine was really good – it was just really difficult to find the right balance” was how the current ENS Champion described the practice sessions.  He will try some more small changes tomorrow “until the car is easy to drive”, aiming to find more rear traction in his IF18.

One hundredth of a second behind his long-time adversary, Simon Kurzbuch took his Shepherd to second place.  Simon said that, “since yesterday lunchtime we’ve been on the right way with the setup”,  highlighting that the wind picked up this afternoon and that made it “trickier to drive”.  Hoping that tomorrow’s conditions lead to less wind at the Rucphen circuit, the multi-time ENS Champion is looking forward to find out how fast everyone is over a four minute run in qualifying.

The third best time went to Robin D’Hondt, the Belgian saying his “car is perfect, I don’t even know how to improve it!”  Winning the race here last year, the Capricorn driver will try another exhaust in the free practice tomorrow morning before deciding what direction to take for qualifying.

Carmine Raiola was fourth quickest, the Italian saying that he would be making no changes to his Infinity as it was “fast in the conditions yesterday” and the earlier free practice rounds today.  He expects tomorrow morning’s opening qualifying round to be similar, rather than the higher traction experienced this evening in controlled practice.  Like Kurzbuch, he also said that the wind was a major factor and will see how Q1 goes for him before deciding “whether I need to push more, or make solid points each time”.

Rounding out the top five was Dutch driver Jeffrey Rietveld.  Describing free practice as “a struggle”, he changed a lot on his Infinity car and “finally found something good” in time for the controlled practice.  Not changing anything else for the two runs, he said the car was “good on both new and really small tyres” – already with a mind to Sunday’s final.  Hoping the weather stays good, he was clearly feeling very positive about tomorrow as he explained “two good runs should be possible and get us directly into the main final.”

Defending Champion Arie Manten put in the best three lap time in the +40 Masters class, ahead of Addie Van de Ven and John Lenears, whilst in the newly introduced 4S Electric 1/8th class, Simon Schutte set the pace in practice.

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May 24, 2019

Leo Arnold Top Seed at Dutch ENS

Leo Arnold will carry the number one on his car throughout tomorrow’s four scheduled rounds of qualifying here in the Netherlands.  The French driver’s time just held off a late charge from Jilles Groskamp, who ended up four hundredths of a second slower over the three lap times with his Infinity team mates Teemu Leino and Milan Holthuis putting in the third and fourth best times, and Thilo Todtmann rounding out the top five.

“The car was good – but it’s very close,” was how Arnold summed up his Practice result.  Explaining that his car was the same he used to TQ in Bologna, the Xray driver said that “consistency is most important for qualifying”, with the “top five or six drivers” very close on pace.  Aiming to make his car as easy to drive as possible, he concluded by stating that “we are on a good way” to getting the car how he wants it.

Groskamp, who won this event last year, said that it was “really close” and that he was “right there with the benchmark,” referring to rival Arnold, who he believes will be the driver to beat in qualifying.  Happy with his car, particularly noting the good power from the engine, he feels he can go faster but isn’t sure how to unlock that extra speed. Believing he is not driving as aggressively as the other drivers around him on the leaderboard, the Dutch driver said that he will not change his driving style as he thinks that will come to benefit him in the finals.

Setting the best time in the opening timed practice, but dropping back to third after TP2 as seven of the top ten drivers set their best times in the slightly cooler conditions, Leino was characteristically reserved when describing his run, smiling and reporting that “the car is OK”.  Commenting that tomorrow and Sunday are more important, he will make use of the short free practice round on Saturday morning to try to cure a little understeer he feels his IF15 had today.

Dutch driver Holthuis was the final driver to set a three lap time in under 44 seconds, reacting with a big smile and “very happy” when asked how he felt after practice.  Admitting to having struggled through the earlier free practice in getting the engine feeling right, he reverted to the setup they ran yesterday and with the engine issues resolved for Controlled Practice, was clearly very pleased to be  on the pace. His aim for Qualifying will be “to stay in the same place”, but knows that “this will be difficult as it’s a very close field”.

Shepherd Racing’s Todtmann described the run as “OK” for himself, saying that his focus was on recovering from a bad 2018 season.  Just missing out on a podium place in Bologna, the German said that every time they took to the track it felt different as the conditions changed – something he will need to stay on top of throughout qualifying in order to secure a good starting position for the finals.

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May 24, 2019

Track Focus – De Baanbrekers

Track Name– De Baanbrekers
Club – M.A.C. de Baanbrekers
Country– Netherlands
Location – Rucphen
Direction – Anti-Clockwise
No. of ENS Races hosted – 1 (2018)

The second round of the 2019 Infinity Euro Nitro Series sees the Championship return to the Netherlands, the venue that hosted the opening event of the 2018 series – MAC de Baanbrekers.  A favourite amongst many drivers for its ‘old school’ feel, the track in Rucphen has maintained the same layout since its construction in 1987, although with a new surface applied in 2003. The only notable change to the venue since the ENS’s visit last year is that the track has undergone a full re-painting, with bright red and white kerbs replacing the darker colours seen last year and getting the thumbs up from the visiting drivers.

In terms of the track layout, 2018 1:10 winner and overall ENS champion, Jilles Groskamp, said the key is keeping the corner speed high, especially in 1:10 scale.  Noting that he had switched to a harder setup than he usually runs to suit the long corners here in Rucphen, he also pointed out that the engine power was important on this “not difficult track layout”.  Already with a mind to the longer finals, the Dutch driver, who has now returned to his home country after nearly a decade living in Thailand, said that the long left-hand corners cause higher tyre wear on one side, expecting the 45 minute-long A Final to feature most drivers taking at least two sets of right side tyres.

The winner of the first ever race of the ENS +40 Masters class, Arie Manten, said that he hasn’t driven here much, but won the round of the Dutch Championship which took place here a month ago.  Matching his Infinity team-mate Groskamp’s description of this being an “easy track layout for everyone”, he said the small differences are vital to finding that last one tenth of a second.  He also explained that the long corner leading onto the back straight was vital to a fast laptime, as lifting through the turn in 1:8 scale means you lose a lot of top speed on the straight.

Robin D’Hondt, who took his first, and to date, only, ENS victory here last year said that despite the track being “not so far from home”, he doesn’t race here that often.  Putting his victory last year down to “a perfect car and engine for the whole race”, his focus was on engine tuning as the main thing. The track does lend itself to very close racing, with the Belgian driver saying that “laptimes are very close – so many have a chance to win”.

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April 28, 2019

Greiner takes exciting maiden 1/8th victory

Dominic Greiner has taken a hard fought win in the opening round of the ENS this afternoon in Italy. Better known for his 1/10th exploits, the Serpent driver pulled off a major upset, utilising a well executed tire and fuel strategy to get the better of multiple ENS Champion Simon Kurzbuch. A late flameout by Dario Balestri took the Infinity driver out of contention while mixing it at the front, ending up in 5th, allowing veteran racer Alberto Picco to pick up the pieces and claim 3rd. Coming home 4th, Lamberto Collari looked set early on to throw a curveball to his competitors by going 5 minutes between fuel stops, only to come short on the in lap of his 2nd stop. Having been stuck behind Carmine Raiola early in the 30 minute main, once passed Greiner had to set about catching the leading pair of Kurzbuch and Balestri, and was helped by doing 4 minutes between stops, his OS engine not as thirsty as the Novarossi based power units of those ahead. With all those up front on the same basic tire strategy, changing just the outside tires first and then all four, by the end of the race Greiner’s tires were done and with Kurzbuch catching him fast he said ‘I had to remain calm as I knew I had only one minute to go’. His first podium in the 1/8th class at ENS, the German praised the improvements made to his Serpent 988 over the winter and is looking forward to a competitive season.

Just coming up short, only 4 tenths back after 30 minutes, Kurzbuch was upset that Balestri caused what he felt was an avoidable collision as the Italian flamed out. The Swiss driver believed that Dario, having had his engine splutter on the 3 previous corners, should have pulled to the side to let the faster driver past as he slowed but instead came to a stop on the racing line causing a crash that sent the Shepherd driver off track, the time lost considerably more than the losing margin to Greiner. Despite this he said ‘Overall it was really good, our strategy was right’, but did feel that his engine lost a little power midway through the final but that his pit crew and himself gave it their all. Particularly happy with his final pitstop, some 2 seconds quicker than his others, he had warned his crew over the radio that he was going to come in fast and could be painful to catch but his father Christian didn’t miss a beat and could give him the advantage he needed. Summing up the weekend he said ‘I got the TQ point and 2nd, so it’s already a better start than last season’.

Alberto Picco would come through the field from his 9th place starting position to take the final podium spot, the likeable Italian putting it down to ‘just trying to be consistent’. Feeling he had a very good pace, almost on par with those in front, too much time was lost in an early incident, a bunch of cars coming together, Alberto admitting that when the carnage had settled he had lost where his car was for a moment. Once back on track his experience showed and he could work his way through the pack, inheriting 3rd place as Balestri hit trouble.

Racing on his home track, early on Lamberto Collari looked set for an upset as he was able to stretch his pit stop window to 5 minutes, which would have given him almost a 3 pitstop advantage over his rivals. However just before his 2nd stop his Max Power engine ground to a halt on the in-lap, losing him a considerable amount of time. Putting the run time down to a smooth driving style, the 9-time World Champion believed that without this flame out he would have been there at the end to fight the others for the win. Following his flameout a disappointed Dario Balestri was able to get his car started back up to bring his IF18 home in  5th position, just in front of his team mate Carmine Raiola in 6th and the two B-main bump up drivers Silvio Hachler and Rick Vrielijnck completing the top 8.

In the 1/8th 40+ class, it was a very exciting race as eventual winner Stefano Solaroli worked his way to the front having started from 5th, but even more exciting was the final laps of the 30 minute encounter that saw German Shepherd driver Andreas Giesa close rapidly on the Italian as he struggled with his tires. The pair eventually separated by 2 seconds at the finish with Rudi Scherer completing the podium as pole man Andrea Hächler had a troubled race finishing in 4th.

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