2019 Series Rules

The Euro Nitro Series (ENS) is a European based racing series for 1/8th scale and 1/10th scale on-road nitro cars. Both classes will be raced at the same weekend and will be open to all drivers with a separate 1/8th amateur class for drivers aged 40 and over. Fun is the most important factor and for this reason the following rules and procedures are are kept as simple as possible by the ENS organiser. The ENS organisation expect fair behaviour and sportsmanship from every driver. At the end of the respective season the ENS-champions of each class are crowned.

– All tracks will be closed to ENS participants on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday immediately preceding each ENS event.
– On Thursday the track is open for free practice, every driver has to pay the regular practice fee to the hosting club.
– The official ENS event takes place from Friday to Sunday.
– Practice takes place on Friday, Saturday will be for qualifying and eventual lower finals, on Sunday the remaining finals will be raced.

Race procedure:
– The heats will be counted by laps and time. For the qualifying ranking a point system will be used. The heat duration is 4min + 3min warm-up.

– The finals will be raced arranged in heart-of-America style with 10 drivers directly qualified into the A-Final and 8 drivers in each of the lower mains (B-Final, C-Final,…).
– The top 2 finishers from each lower final will progress into the next final to make 10 drivers in all lower finals and 12 in the A-Final.
– The duration of the finals will be: A-Final 45 minutes, all lower finals will be 20 minutes. For the 40+ class the A-Final will be 30 minutes.
– A 10 minute delay can be requested only before the A-final and only before the drivers have been called to the starting grid.

Tyre rules:

To have a fair event the following ENS tyre rules apply from timed practice onwards:

Every participant has to use the mandatory ENS hand-out tyres with fixed size and shore which are given out at the respective event. Any modification or treatment is strictly prohibited. When registering for an event every driver has to declare the number of tyres he wants to use which must be purchased in any case. If additional tyres are needed during the event, it’s possible to buy more sets up to 10 sets in total per class as long as stock lasts.

At the tyre hand-out area every driver takes his tyres out of a big box and puts them into his personal box which will be handed out by the organizer and kept by the technical inspection.

Before every heat the drivers get the tyre-box in a closed mounting-area to mount the tyres for the heat. Tyres that leave the mounting-area, pitlane or technical inspection can not be used any longer at the event. Tyres that are placed in the personal tyre box after technical inspection can be used for upcoming heats. It’s not allowed to bring any tyres in the closed area (mounting area, pitlane, technical inspection).

After the last heat every driver can pick up his personal tyre box.

Technical specifications tyres:

For the 2019 season the tyres will be supplied by Matrix.

Diameter: front 69mm / rear 76mm
Shore: front 32sh, rear 35sh

Diameter: front 62mm / rear 64 mm
Shore; front 35sh, rear 37sh

Prices :
1 set of 1:8 tyres: Euro 20
1 set of 1:10 tyres: Euro 13

Technical rules 1/8:

Overall dimensions:

Width: Max. 267mm
Height: Max. 170mm / 180 incl. gurney on 20mm blocks

Weight: Min. 2350g incl. transponder with empty fuel tank
Fuel tank: Max. 125ccm incl. fuel tube
Body: All current LMP 1/8th scale bodies
Engine: Max. 3,5ccm
Carburettor: Max. 9,0mm intake diameter
INS-box: Regular INS-Box is mandatory
Exhaust: The inner diameter of exhaust stinger/outlet must be no larger than 8mm.
Fuel: May only contain methanol, lubricating oil and nitro methane (16%)

Technical rules 1/10:

Overall dimensions:

Width: Max. 200mm (without body)
Height: Min. 120mm on 10mm blocks

Weight: Min.1650g incl. transponder and with empty fuel tank
Fuel tank: Max. 75ccm incl. fuel tube
Body: Regular 200mm touring car bodies

Rear of the body not higher than 50mm on 10mm blocks
Cooling- / refueling-hole: max. 50mm; front side window and rear window can be cut out

Wing: Max. depth 55mm; not higher than the roof
Side dams: Max. 55mm x 35mm
Engine: Max. 2,11ccm / 3-ports
Carburettor: Max. 5,5mm intake diameter
INS-box: Regular INS-box is mandatory
Exhaust: The inner diameter of exhaust stinger/outlet must be no larger than 5.2mm.
Fuel: May only contain methanol, lubricating oil and nitro methane (16%)


If points are tied at the end of the championship we check who has more podiums 1st, 2nd, 3rd. If they are still tied then we will check who has more TQ’s. If still tied then we check who has more 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

We will never count a throw out round. But if you TQ a round and it ends up being a throw out round your TQ point will be added to your championship points total.