September 23, 2018

Chassis Focus – Eric Dankel

Chassis – Mugen MTX6R
Engine – Orcan RS3R
Fuel – Maxima
Tires (handout) – Matrix
Radio/Servo – Sanwa/GM
Body – Protoform P47

Remarks – A track which Eric says does not favour the Mugen, he is running a standard kit car with all the options.  The most significant of these are the titanium axles and screw set.  Finding the Fiorano ‘asphalt too rough’ and the ‘traction too low’ for their car to work probably, he said compared to the set-up he ran at Aigen in Austria the car is much softer this weekend with a softer diff and softer springs to try and make it more aggressive.

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September 22, 2018

Pit Focus – Dominic Greiner

Team: Serpent
Neighbours: Klaus Lechner (left), Merlin Depta (front)
Charger: Arrowmax
Tools: Arrowmax
Setup Tools: Arrowmax setup board, Arrowmax set up station.
Car Stand: Arrowmax
Transport Bag: Xceed
Extra items: A fan to make the hot Italian weather this weekend more comfortable and rather than water Dominic likes his drinks sugary with a bottle of Coke the perfect fix.  A little red note book in which all the juicy set-up information of the World Champion can also be found.

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September 22, 2018

Kurzbuch to start title defence from pole

Simon Kurzbuch will defend his Euro Nitro Series title tomorrow at the Season Finale in Italy from pole position.  The Shepherd driver made it a clean sweep of qualifying for the 2018 season as he wrapped up his fourth TQ from the championship’s four races.  Having suffered a broken front belt in Q3 and title rival Dario Balestri getting the TQ for that round, Kurzbuch had to wait until the final round to bag himself the extra championship point which could prove vital at the end of tomorrow’s 45-minute final.  He took the final qualifier ahead of Robert Pietsch and Toni Gruber after a hard pushing Balestri had a mistake in the second half of the qualifier.  The Italian will start 2nd with Pietsch third while Andrea Pirani makes it four different manufacturers at the head of the grid.  Kurzbuch’s TQ today eliminates Gruber from the title fight, the WRC driver at best being able to equal the leaders points tally with a win but losing out on the tie break.  Between himself and Balestri, however, if the Italian wins he must be sure to finish on the podium with a 3rd place giving him his 3rd consecutive title on tie break with the only driver who has previously denied him becoming champion.

Reacting to what would be the slowest of his three TQ runs this weekend, Kurzbuch said, ‘It was a really good run. We used the engine we have for the final and the feeling was really good.  We got good knowledge about fuel consumption’.  Chasing his 11th ENS career win from his 12th TQ starting position, he added, ‘now we will prepare the car so we don’t have any issues tomorrow’ – his belt failure a rare mechanical fault for the Swiss driver.  He continued, ‘to get all four TQs this season compensates for the Rucphen and Ettlingen results’.  Asked about strategy for the final he replied, ‘the tyre wear is surprisingly low compared to other years so there will be less stops than before’.  On fuel he said, ‘we are quite fast on lap times so it is quite high but it is the same for the Top 5 drivers.  I hope we have a clean final tomorrow. We are looking to bring home the overall title not the win but if there is a chance of course we will go for the race win too’.

Balestri said, ‘I needed a 4:12/13 time to make the TQ so I had to push and made a mistake.  I had nothing to lose’.  The Infinity driver continued, ‘from one side I am a bit disappointed.  I had a lot of traffic and this cost me the TQ already this morning.  On the other side it is interesting to start behind Simon.  I can follow him and make pressure’.  The World Champion concluded, ‘we have a lot of speed and we can fight for the win’.

Commenting on his final qualifier which secured him P3 on the grid, Pietsch said, ‘It was again a good run and the car was really good but still I have this little lack of power after 2-minutes’.  He continued, ‘At the start I have the same power as Simon but in the last 2-minutes it drops just a little.  I expect in the final this wont be an issue and we will be the same pace because it was the same at the Euros in qualifying and but in the final all was fine’.  On the final, the former World Champion said, ‘Dario, Simon and myself are doing the same time between stops so its going to be a straight up race for the win and not a strategy race’.

Pirani said, ‘I lost the third place (on the grid) in the last round but 4th is ok for me and for a long race it changes nothing’.  A former ENS podium finisher, the ARC driver said, ‘in the third qualifying I got 2nd and the car was very good but for the last one I ran new tyres so the lap times on bigger tyres went down and I got P5 which cost me the position on the grid’.  Asked about the final he said, ‘I am confident for tomorrow.  I will think about possible set-up changes tonight and maybe test some things in the final practice but I am looking forward to a good race.

In the 40+ class, newly crowned champion Arie Manten will go for the perfect campaign from pole position tomorrow.  Like Kurzbuch, the Dutch driver secured his fourth TQ of the season and will start the 30-minute final ahead of fellow Infinity driver Bo Nielsen who TQ’d the final qualifier here in Fiorano.  Andrea Hächler will start 3rd.

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September 22, 2018

Chassis Focus – Andrea Pirani

Chassis – ARC R8.1
Engine – Ielasi Tuned Raptor
Fuel – Energy
Tires (handout) – Matrix
Radio/Servo – Sanwa/HD Power
Body – Xtreme Aerodynamics R18

Remarks – Qualifying fourth here in Fiorano, the ARC driver is running a self modified shorter wheelbase version of the R8.1.  A modification achieved through cut arms, he first ran at the European Championship at the end of July in Cassino where ‘it worked well’.  Giving the car better steering he has continued to run this set-up with it paying divides here with a strong qualifying.

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